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RBSelect is the banks flexible benefits programme. It’s designed to make your life easier and save you money.

Benefits are grouped into categories:
  1. Pension & Protection
  2. Healthcare
  3. Lifestyle
  4. RBSelect Offers
By choosing benefits from categories 1, 2 or 3 you’re setting your monthly mix of pay and benefits. 

Category 4 is an online discount shopping portal where you buy direct from retailers just like you do any other internet shopping.

You’ll get an overview of your choices in the RBSelect guide.

Or you can read about specific benefits in the table below.

When can I elect or change my benefits?

There are some benefits you can elect, or change at anytime and some that you can only change during the Annual Election Window (in September) or your New Joiner Window.

But if you have a significant change in your life you can make some changes then

We call this a lifestyle event, for example if you get a divorce or become a parent. You’ll need to get this updated within 30 days of the lifestyle event - just click the lifestyle event option when you start your elections. Depending on the situation you can update some things yourself and some we’ll have to do for you. HR People Services will help – their details are in the top right hand side in the ‘Help’ box.

Our key to when you can elect or change benefits

Annual Election Window - effective 1 October

Anytime Election - available for you to elect all year round

 New Joiner Window - available to all new joiners within three months of joining us

Here are the benefits you can choose from

  When can I change my election?
New Joiner Window Annual Election Window Anytime Election
Pension & Protection
Defined Benefit Pension Plan N/A
Additional Pension Contributions N/A
Retirement Savings Plan
Disability Cover x
Life Cover x
Life Assurance Spouse/Partner x
Critical Illness Insurance x
Personal Accident Insurance x
Private Medical Cover x
Dental Cover x
Health Assessment
Holiday - Buy x x
Company Car
Childcare Vouchers
Bike for Work
Shopping Vouchers
RBSelect Card
RBSelect Offers

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